The Association

Himpunan Mahasiswa Hubungan Internasional Universitas Indonesia or HMHI UI is an international relations undergraduate student organization at Faculty of Political and Social Science, Universitas Indonesia. The association was founded and established on March, 2nd 1992. We have since run the organization on the basis of family-based, academic research, and independent from any political party’s interest. Our purpose is to implement the Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi (Three Pillars of Teritery Education – education, research, and community service), and to promote the awareness of international relations to the community of today.

As a student-run organization, our programs have mainly focused on building friendship among members, supporting each individuals talents, and providing international realtions knowledge to educate ourselves and our surroundings. Currently, our largest event is Indonesia’s Foreign Policy Review or IFPR, an event aims at improving current understanding towards certain contemporary international issues. We invite national and international students to write and share their thoughts on the issue, and gather them on a conference inviting speakers expert on such matter. For further information about IFPR, you can click on our main event page.